10 Ways the DIYer Can Honor Mom

Mother's Day

Let’s face it: life gets busy, especially for moms. This Mother’s Day let’s turn honey-do lists into honey-done lists and knock out those lingering household projects for the special moms in our life.While flowers, chocolate, and cards will always be a special tradition for Mother’s Day, we’ve put together ten ways the DIYer can honor Mom.

1. Plant a Tree or Flowers

mother and daughter

Create a lasting reminder of love by planting a tree or perennials in the yard. While you’re outside there are plenty of outdoor chores that can be done for Mother’s Day like cleaning gutters, mowing, weeding, mulching, and trimming the shrubs.

2. Fire up the Grill


Get fresh ingredients and make lunch or dinner for her. Don’t forget to have her favorite types of food. If the mom in your life appreciates spending time doing things with you, cook a meal together.

3. Clean Her Ride

Boy Washing a car

Moms are always on the go, so turn her vehicle into a crumb & clutter free ride. Use your shop vac to detail the inside of her car. You can also clean the outside with soap, a bucket, and a sponge. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, make sure to fill the tank and change the oil for her as well.

4. Deep Clean the House

Clean your mom's room

Moms can always use extra help when it comes to organizing the closet, garage, or laundry room and since you’re the DIY type, add some shelving, storage bins, or mounts for a long-term organization solution. Here is a Deep Cleaning Your House Checklist

5. Make Cooking Easier

Kitchen Appliances

Investing in a small appliance goes a long way and makes life easier and less stressful. Crock pots, blenders, Kitchenaid mixers, iRobot sweepers, and Keurig coffee makers are great for moms on the go. Surprise her by having the new appliance set up and ready-to-use.

6. Create a Backyard Sanctuary

Patio Furniture

Pick her favorite spot in the yard and turn it into a nature sanctuary by adding a bird bath, bird feeders (check out this super cute Mason Jar bird feeder), and a bird house. Plant a variety of color with her favorite plants and flowers. Set up a bench, hammock, or patio set for her to sit and enjoy quiet sounds of nature.

7. Sharpen the Kitchen Knives

A good cook always has sharp knives. When mom’s rushing to put dinner on the table, she needs to make every second count and dull knives can slow everything down. Good, sharp knives quickly chop through veggies and meat making dinner time a breeze.

8. Add a Fresh Coat

Man Painting

The common areas in the house get a lot of traffic and love. Adding a fresh coat of paint helps liven up a room. This helps her keep up with the house and gets rid of spots like scuff marks, finger prints, and dirt.

9. Check Smoke Detectors

To be safe and prepared, change batteries in the fire alarms and make sure they’re working properly. Safety is always a top priority for moms.

10. Get Crafty

Hex Nut Bracelet

Make her a custom bracelet with hex-nuts from your local Do it Best hardware store.

May 5, 2021

10 Ways the DIYer Can Honor Mom

10 Ways the DIYer Can Honor Mom Let’s face it: life gets busy, especially for moms. This Mother’s Day let’s turn honey-do lists into honey-done lists and knock out those lingering household projects for the special […]
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