DIY Ways to Improve and Update Your Kitchen

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DIY Ways to Improve and Update Your Kitchen


How Can I Make My Kitchen Look Better?

You don’t have to be a professional to get a stylish, functional kitchen. You don’t even need to spend a lot! Decide the style you want, and then go for it with these 5 easy DIY kitchen improvements! Some are as easy as peel, stick, done!


1. Declutter: Clear off your countertops

Cluttered counters can take any kitchen from fab to drab instantly. If you want to really wow your guests with a kitchen makeover, but you don’t have a huge budget look to your countertops. By freeing up space on your counters, you’re making your kitchen more functional for cooking and more appealing. While you still need all of your kitchen gadgets within easy reach, you don’t have to use all of your counter space to do so.

Try going up a layer with an extra shelf below cabinets. This is great for small items like spices. A knife magnet strip gets rid of bulky knife blocks and offers an element of design. Hanging pots above an island help to give more space to a cramped kitchen and is appealing as a design element as well. A curtain rod, hooks, and hanging baskets can hold jars, become a charging station for your phone, and even hold all of your kitchen utensils.

Pinterest ideas and inspiration to declutter your kitchen countertops! Find storage solutions for your kitchen gadgets, small appliances, spices, and more! Plus, find DIY storage options that will not only declutter your kitchen, but won’t break the bank either!


2. New Lighting: A bright kitchen is more inviting

No one likes to cook in a dark, dingy kitchen. Trade in your old, outdated lights for new. Look for lights that offer a bright, airy feel. A bright kitchen will not only make it easier to see while cooking, but it’s very inviting for guests. To learn more about the different types of lightbulbs, click here

Show off your style with an overhead light, pendant lights, and don’t forget about under-cabinet lights. These lights tend to offer an extra warm ambience, and they help to get rid of any shadows caused by cabinets.


3. Update the Faucet: Add innovation and style with your kitchen faucet

Simply updating your kitchen faucet can really transform your space. For a finished look, match your faucet finish to your kitchen hardware.

If you want to update your kitchen faucet with the least amount of work, look for a faucet that has the same amount of holes as your existing faucet.  Another option is to use a deckplate to cover any unwanted holes. If you’re updating the sink, just be sure to purchase one with pre-drilled holes that will match the faucet you want. Learn How to Install a Faucet easily in our How-to Guide.


4. DIY Backsplash: How anyone can add a backsplash

A kitchen backsplash can add that “wow” factor that your kitchen is missing. The best part? Anyone can easily install a backsplash with a peel-and-stick backsplash kit. Kits come in a variety of styles, including stone, slate, and quartz. You’ll have a beautiful backsplash at a fraction of the price and with less time and effort for installation. You can’t beat that!


5. Change Kitchen Hardware: Update drawer pulls and knobs

Like most renovations, changing cabinets can be expensive. Opt for a much easier update to kitchen cabinets by changing out hardware. To make things even easier, look for drawer knobs and pulls that are the same size as existing hardware, so you don’t have to drill new holes. If your drawers have one hole in the middle with a drawer knob, but you really want to update to a pull, look for pull backplates that will easily cover existing holes. You don’t have to settle for a knob that you are less than thrilled to have!