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Top 15 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning

It’s officially spring and you know what that means. We’re all familiar with the yearly tradition of Spring Cleaning. Because spring cleaning involves those tasks that aren’t usually done during our normal cleaning schedules, it can be a process.


Before spring cleaning, we suggest making a list of everything you want to accomplish, so you can check them off as you go. We’ve put together our list of the top 15 spring cleaning tips to help get you started.

1. Change the Furnace Filter

It is easy to change and ensures you continue to breathe clean air in your home. It should be changed four times a year. Filters come in different sizes and shapes, so if you don’t know, pull out your old one as a reference.

2. Wash the Windows on a Cloudy Day

Girl cleaning window

The sun can dry the cleaner before you wipe it off resulting in streaks.

3. Deep Clean Trash Cans

Something we use often but never think of cleaning are our trash cans. Take them outside to spray them out with water from the hose first. Secondly, use soap, or your preferred disinfectant, to scrub those hard to clean areas. Rinse thoroughly and turn upside down to dry.

4. Get Patio Furniture Ready


Get patio furniture ready to use by scrubbing table and chairs with dish detergent and warm water. Rinse and let dry.

5. Dusting

Dust on sunny days so you can see dust particles better. Remove items on shelves and table tops, and don’t forget to dust your ceiling fans!

6. Use the Lint Roller

You can dust your lamp shades using a lint roller.

7. Wash Walls, Cabinets, and Baseboards

Soap Bucket

Mix ¼ cup of all-purpose cleaner with a gallon bucket of warm water. Fill up a second bucket for wringing out your washcloth. Use an old washcloth to wipe the walls, cabinets, and baseboards. Dry areas with a clean cloth.

8. Say Goodbye to Fingerprints!


Polish your stainless steel and appliances with Stainless Steel Cleaners

9. Clean out Those Dresser Drawers

If you haven’t worn it in the last year, donate it or sell it at a garage sale.

10. Break out Warm Weather Clothes

Switch out your cold, winter clothes for your warm, summer clothes. Store in labeled plastic bins.

11. Get Rid of Pet Hair

We all love to cuddle with our pets, but after a while your favorite spot needs to be rid of pet hair. Use a rubber glove and slide across the surface. The fur should lift and stick to your gloves. Simply rinse the hair off with water and toss in the trash. You should also vacuum under cushions and pillows.

12. Wipe Your Light Switches and Door Knobs!

Light Switch

They are the most touched places in a home and can quickly get grimy.

13. Do a Dry Clean Day


Items like drapes, curtains, comforters, and pillows are easily forgotten when it comes to a normal cleaning schedule. Spring cleaning is the perfect chance to wash or dry clean those pieces depending on the directions.

14. Toss Expired Items

Clean out the medicine cabinet, makeup bag, and pantry. Toss expired medicine, makeup, and foods. Wash out your make up brushes using soap and warm water. Let dry overnight.

15. Get the Right Supplies

Supply Bucket

Having the right tools for any project makes the biggest difference in the quality of the work and the time it takes to get the job done. The same goes for spring cleaning. Make sure you have the right supplies before you get started.